How to Ensure Your Content is Actually Used by Sales

With the rise of marketing technology solutions comes a lot of confusion on what is really needed to help your company grow. Many companies have gotten burned with first generation technologies that were never used by sales. There is a perception that introducing another technology that will have low adoption is too risky as budgets are being cut and marketing is being asked to be a profit center of most companies.

Yet, there is still a huge gap in sales and marketing alignment because marketing isn’t delivering to sales the right content at the right time and in the right format to help move the needle on close ratios. And, according to the CMO Council, only 40% of content produced by marketing gets used by sales. Seems to me, the risk of content not being used is too expensive to ignore.

The reality is that the right channel sales enablement solution that offers six key elements will drive adoption of your new technology while ensuring your content actually gets used by sales. In my last blog post I talked about Key Element #1, the consolidation of all your marketing technology. Just as important is Key Element #2 – search ability.

Even the best sales content resources have little value if they aren’t found by sales reps. Therefore, the second key attribute of an effective sales content management solution is that it enables sales reps to easily and quickly find the content resources they need.

Research shows that content “findability” is a significant problem for many companies. As noted earlier, a recent study by SiriusDecisions​ found that 28% of the content owned by B2B companies goes unused because it cannot be found. Other research​​ shows that sales reps spend, on average, eight hours per week searching for content.

A robust sales content management solution leverages the power of faceted search to make it easy for sales reps to find the content they need. Faceted search enables a sales rep to use “filters” to narrow the scope of a search and thus find relevant content resources more quickly. If you’ve shopped at Amazon, you’ve probably used faceted search. Amazon enables shoppers to refine their product searches by using filters such as price, brand, and product ratings.

Faceted search makes finding content faster and more intuitive. For example, a life insurance company or a wealth management firm could use faceted search to enable agents or financial advisors to search for content based on the type of buyer they are working with and further refine the search by investment objective and/or product.

A capable sales content management solution also helps sales reps to find the best content resources for each selling situation by tracking the effectiveness of content resources and making that data visible to sales reps. Many solutions track the usage of individual content resources by sales reps, and some also track buyer engagement with individual resources. This data enables sales reps to easily see which content resources have been most effective.

Join me in the coming weeks as I explore four more key elements in choosing and implementing a channel sales enablement system that manages your sales content and enables your channel partners to drive profitable revenue growth for your company.

If you would like to find out about all six key elements of a channel sales enablement system that actually gets used by sales, you can download a FREE copy​ of my white paper today!

About the Author

Tami Marek-Loper, President and Chief Visionary Officer for The Marek Group, Inc., a visionary thinker, pushing the envelope of what is possible in order to achieve greatness for both her company and her clients. "Thinking outside of the box is where you will find the ideas that change the world", is a living and breathing mantra found everywhere inside the company she helps to lead.

Field Sales Enablement is where her 20+ years of printing, marketing and technology have culminated. Providing frontline sales people with the right content, at the right time and in the right medium to maximize outcomes. By using data and predictive modeling, The Marek Group's Field Sales Effectiveness Platform can recommend to sales the exact piece of content needed to move the sale forward.