How to Use Personalized Content to Match the B2B Buyer's Journey and Close Deals

Today, B2B sales are becoming more and more complex. Buyers are much savvier about their desired products and services because all the research they want to do is at their fingertips. In fact, research from Google and CEB Marketing Leadership Council shows that most B2B buyers are 57% of the way down the path to a buying decision before they will engage with a company. What does that mean for the B2B sales rep?

I am not of the school that believes the B2B sales rep is irrelevant. In fact, I believe they are more relevant than ever to actually close the deal. But, in order to be relevant to the buyer, the sales rep must present information that matches the buyer at their stage of the sales process. This is why it is so important that B2B sales people have personalized and relevant content to share with their prospects at every sales call.

I know that marketing just gasped at the thought of creating a personalized piece of content for every sales call that will occur across the entire sales channel. However, it is the only effective way to capture a savvy B2B buyer and get them to close. So how can companies possibly scale marketing to support this? By offering a self-service tool that allows sales reps to create their own customizable content delivered through omni-channel methods.

Not only will this help B2B sales rep deliver their messages more effectively to their prospects, easy content customization will also help marketing ensure that their sales content management systems achieve high adoption rates – a win, win.

This brings me to my third key point on the subject of sales adoption to marketing technology. Include easy content customization tools that allow sales reps to provide the “last mile” of content personalization. Which only makes sense since this level of customized content can really only be achieved through the sales person’s personal interaction with the buyer.

How do companies implement easy customizable content delivery?

An effective sales content management solution uses templates that enable sales reps to easily customize content resources to meet the specific needs of individual buyers. These templates identify which elements in a content resource can be modified and which elements cannot be changed, and they can provide a set of pre-approved customization options.

Enabling content customization can be particularly challenging for enterprises that operate in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and insurance. In many highly-regulated industries, sales content resources must meet numerous specific requirements in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Content customization can quickly become impractical when each customized resource must be manually reviewed to ensure compliance.

A robust sales content management solution can address this challenge by leveraging data to automate several aspects of content customization. For example, an enterprise can create and implement business rules within the sales content management solution to:

  • Validate which specific content resources a sales rep is authorized to use
  • Automatically generate required disclaimers in content resources based on each sales rep’s location, title, and licensure
  • Automatically generate other required legal or brand compliance content elements based on a sales rep’s location, title, organizational division or department, and licensure

For more information on creating a fully customizable library of sales content or to get help on how to increase adoption of your sales and marketing technology, please download a free copy of my white paper today.

About the Author

Tami Marek-Loper, President and Chief Visionary Officer for The Marek Group, Inc., a visionary thinker, pushing the envelope of what is possible in order to achieve greatness for both her company and her clients. "Thinking outside of the box is where you will find the ideas that change the world", is a living and breathing mantra found everywhere inside the company she helps to lead.

Field Sales Enablement is where her 20+ years of printing, marketing and technology have culminated. Providing frontline sales people with the right content, at the right time and in the right medium to maximize outcomes. By using data and predictive modeling, The Marek Group's Field Sales Effectiveness Platform can recommend to sales the exact piece of content needed to move the sale forward.