Choosing the Right Channel Sales Enablement Solution Will Increase Marketing ROI

The explosive growth of online information has dramatically changed how consumers and business buyers learn about products and services. But despite the undeniable shift to online channels, effective person-to-person selling remains vital to the success of many companies. In a 2015 survey by Forbes Insights, US business executives ranked sales productivity as their most important management function.

The continuing importance of sales productivity has led a growing number of companies to create a dedicated sales enablement function. Recent research by CSO Insights found that 25.5% of companies had a dedicated sales enablement function in 2014, and another 6.7% of companies planned to create one in 2015.

The centerpiece of any successful sales enablement effort is an effective sales content management system because content provides the essential fuel for productive interactions between sales reps and today’s demanding buyers. Unfortunately, it seems clear that there’s a pressing need to improve sales content management in most companies. SiriusDecisions recently estimated that, on average, 28% of all the content owned by B2B companies isn’t used because potential users are unaware that it exists, or because it’s difficult to find.

To address this problem, many companies are investing in sales content management solutions. Gartner recently estimated that $297.5 million was spent on sales content management systems in 2014. But like many types of technology solutions, the value produced by a sales content management solution is largely dependent on user adoption. That’s why it’s critical for companies to choose a sales content management solution that their sales reps will actually use.

Convincing salespeople to embrace technology tools can be a challenging undertaking. By temperament, most sales reps are independent-minded, and the real-world demands of the job make them highly protective of their time. Therefore, many salespeople are inherently skeptical of any technology that requires a change in their established and “proven” methods of working.

Research has proven that in order to maximize a sales content mangagment system investment, it must contain six key elements. Each of these six elements work in conjunction with one another to drive adoption and improve customer engagment with sales representatives. Over the next several weeks, follow me as I will post an article describing one of these six ingredients. 

Additionally, we’ve recently published a white paper that discusses the two key requirements that a sales content management solution must meet in order to gain widespread adoption and use by sales reps. This paper also describes, in depth, each of the six key attributes that a sales content management solution must have to win the hearts and minds of sales reps.

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About the Author

Tami Marek-Loper, President and Chief Visionary Officer for The Marek Group, Inc., a visionary thinker, pushing the envelope of what is possible in order to achieve greatness for both her company and her clients. "Thinking outside of the box is where you will find the ideas that change the world", is a living and breathing mantra found everywhere inside the company she helps to lead.

Field Sales Enablement is where her 20+ years of printing, marketing and technology have culminated. Providing frontline sales people with the right content, at the right time and in the right medium to maximize outcomes. By using data and predictive modeling, The Marek Group's Field Sales Effectiveness Platform can recommend to sales the exact piece of content needed to move the sale forward.