Six Key Attributes of a Successful Sales Content Management Solution

Driven by the continuing need to improve sales productivity, a growing number of companies are creating a dedicated sales enablement function and implementing a variety of sales enablement programs. The centerpiece of most sales enablement efforts is a sales content management solution that’s designed to enable sales reps to find and use sales content resources.

A capable sales content management solution has the potential to deliver significant benefits to both companies and individual salespeople, but for those benefits to materialize, the solution must be consistently used by a company’s sales reps.

To earn salesperson adoption and use, a sales content management solution must meet two basic requirements – it must be easy for sales reps to use, and it must provide real-world, tangible benefits to individual sales reps.

So, what causes a sales content management solution to satisfy these two critical criteria? Based on our experiences with numerous companies, we’ve identified six attributes that are needed to entice sales reps to adopt and consistently use a sales content management solution.

  • One-stop shop – It will provide a centralized repository for all sales-related content resources.

  • Content findability – It will leverage powerful search capabilities and content effectiveness ratings to enable sales reps to easily and quickly find the content they need.

  • Easy content customization – It will allow sales reps to easily customize content resources for specific selling situations, while also enabling companies to ensure legal and brand compliance.

  • Omnichannel content sharing – It will enable sales reps to share content with potential buyers in multiple formats via multiple communication channels.

  • Content engagement tracking – It will allow sales reps to see which content resources are most effective with potential buyers.

  • Easy access – It will allow sales reps to access the solution from anywhere using the access channel or method they prefer.

​This is our final summary blog on the topic of Sales Content Mangement Solutions. If you would like more information on this topic, please download a FREE COPY​ of our published white paper describing these six critical attributes in greater detail.

About the Author

Tami Marek-Loper, President and Chief Visionary Officer for The Marek Group, Inc., a visionary thinker, pushing the envelope of what is possible in order to achieve greatness for both her company and her clients. "Thinking outside of the box is where you will find the ideas that change the world", is a living and breathing mantra found everywhere inside the company she helps to lead.

Field Sales Enablement is where her 20+ years of printing, marketing and technology have culminated. Providing frontline sales people with the right content, at the right time and in the right medium to maximize outcomes. By using data and predictive modeling, The Marek Group's Field Sales Effectiveness Platform can recommend to sales the exact piece of content needed to move the sale forward.