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Despite profound changes in the behavior of business buyers, most B2B companies still need an effective and efficient sales force to drive consistent revenue and profit growth. B2B companies typically spend 8% to 12% of total revenues on sales expenses, and research shows that, on average, they spend about $135,000 per year on sales support people and activities for each sales rep in their organization.

Given the size of these investments, maximizing the performance of the sales function is critically important, but in many B2B companies, sales operations need significant improvement. Salespeople are often not as prepared for prospect meetings as they should be, they are spending too much time searching for the content assets they need to keep deals moving, and less than two-thirds are making their sales quotas.

To address these issues, a growing number of companies are implementing sales enablement programs that encompass sales content development and management, sales training, sales process management, and sales-oriented technologies. Our consultants can help you determine if your company would benefit from implementing one or more sales enablement strategies.


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