It’s time to raise the bar on marketing execution. Get more when you go to market with Marek.


• Marketing Workflow Automation


• In-house Print Manufacturing


• Domestic & Global Sourcing


Direct Marketing Optimization


Integrated Fulfillment & Logistics 

Do marketing better and spend less doing it.

Our clients actually save money by identifying operational inefficiencies while streamlining the marketing supply chain. The days of managing multiple suppliers for commercial printing, branded merchandise, direct marketing, displays and signage, rebates and incentives and fulfillment are over.


With 50 years of marketing execution experience at your fingertips, a single relationship for turn-key services allows you to spend energy on the process and more time focused on your customers.

Get more when you go to market with Marek.


Dream bigger than you've ever dreamed.

Achieve exceptional, every time.

Move ideas forward faster.

Push fewer buttons.

Don’t let your big ideas get squashed by execution limitations. Bring your vision to life through consultative services that remove obstacles and create new possibilities with a partner that is extension of your team. 


Get more creativity when you go to market with Marek.

Getting used to settling for “good enough”? You’re better than that! Give your audiences the best brand experience every time, with the consistency of production that can only come from a high-touch, centralized partner.


Get more quality when you go to market with Marek.

Disconnected processes and vendors slowing you down? You can’t afford to let your competitors beat you to the punch. Bring your ideas to market faster through turn-key production and integrated solutions.


Get more speed when you go to market with Marek.

Logistics and systems management are a drain on marketing resources. Get valuable time back with integrated solutions that drive execution efficiency with data integration between systems and vendors.

Get more efficiency when you go to market with Marek.

Turn the lights on.

Do more with less.

Adapt with ease.

Exceed expectations.

Stop campaigning in the dark. Get the visibility and transparency you need - in real time and across programs - to help you improve the impact of your marketing investments.


Get more insights when you go to market with Marek.

What if you could make every marketing dollar work twice as hard? With real-time insights, backend integration and turn-key delivery, you find cost-savings at every point of campaign execution.


Get more savings when you go to market with Marek.

Complex campaigns need room to flex and evolve. Unlock the potential of your execution strategy with services that are designed to help you maneuver and respond to the market.

Get more flexibility when you go to market with Marek.

Get enterprise-level marketing services and solutions that eliminate constraints and give you more of what your marketing programs need: creativity, quality, speed, flexibility, efficiency, insights, and savings.


Get more when you go to market with Marek.

Take advantage of one or all of our services and supercharge your marketing efforts.

Print & Digital Collateral

Direct Mail & Marketing

Branded Merchandise & Apparel

Signage, Banners & Displays

Sampling & Kitting

Fulfillment & Distribution

Rewards & Incentive Programs

Co-op & MDF Funds Management

Visual Business Intelligence

Call Center Support

Hosted Training Programs

Channel Enablement

Don't take our word for it... listen to what our customers have to say.

“With Marek, we get real-time inventory numbers. When we know what we have, we can avoid back ordering, which is an inconvenience for our customers and costly for us. Over the past 12 months, we’ve achieved significant cost savings, simply by scheduling more efficient press runs.”


Jaime Voss, Safety Materials Manager

“Marek claims team, in conjunction with their Triptych software platform, make co-op marketing easy-peasy. Dealers absolutely love it. Since Generac implemented the program, we’ve seen its co-op program participation increase by 20% year-over-year for three years running.”


Andrea Acker, Claims Manager

"Establishing workflows and color management up-front set the expectation and confidence within our team that brand compliance was going to be professionally managed. And, the errors caught by Marek’s team prior to jobs going to print has also saved us significant time and money”


Mollie Jensen, Director PCS Marketing

Marek is a trusted go-to-market partner to some of the largest brands in the world.


With locations in Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Austin, you can expect nothing short of victory. We have been helping organizations drive revenue up and cost down for more than 40 years by leveraging one or all of the services from our family of companies.

Headquartered in the western suburbs of Milwaukee, Marek is home to offset, digital and large format printing; direct mail manufacturing; secure kitting; domestic and global sourcing; claims processing and account services in a 75,000 state-of-the-art facility.

Triptych, channel sales enablement software, helps global companies with large distributed sales teams scale marketing operations to ensure each sales rep gets the content they need, exactly when they need it, to drive deals to close.

Channel Resources is a certified Woman Owned Business helping companies satisfy their diversity spend through print, promotional products, fulfillment services and channel enablement software as a certified reseller of Triptych.

Fuse Fulfillment is a world-class, paperless distribution center located in a brand-new 100,000 square foot facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Fuse has been processing thousands of orders daily with a 99.9% order accuracy rate for over a decade.