Sampling Services

Give Customers a Taste of What Your Brand Has to Offer



Drive more sales with product samples that adapt to prospect needs.

Clients drive prospects deeper into the buying journey by equipping their sales partners and representatives with Marek’s on-demand sample ordering and quick shipping that puts their product samples into their prospects’ hands within days—not weeks—capitalizing on fresh interest and advancing active opportunities.  

Engagement is further boosted by Marek’s flexible sample kits. With Marek sample kits, sales partners and representatives have the power to build kits to include a variety of sample products that meet their prospects specified needs. Sample customization delivers a unique experience with greater impact than generic product samples.  


Boost company-wide ROI with outsourced product sampling that eliminates costly disruptions & distractions for advanced efficiency.  

Marek’s sample solutions produce greater efficiency across client organizations because we assume the responsibility for manufacturing, stocking, kitting, and shipping sample products, eliminating time-consuming disruptions to their large-scale manufacturing operations that create competing priorities and cause delays in sample production and delivery.  

Our brandable ordering platform also provides on-demand access to product samples and automatic sample inventory, customization, and utilization tracking. Automating such tasks relieves marketing teams from tedious administrative responsibilities and frees them to focus on more strategic and cost-effective initiatives.  



Optimize your budget spend with consolidated execution costs & data-driven inventory management that alleviates expenses.

Clients reduce the cost of their sample programs with Marek’s data-driven stock forecasting and inventory optimization guidance. Marek draws insight from data collected by each client’s individual Triptych ordering site to tailor inventory recommendations to meet distinct brand demands without incurring wasteful surpluses or costly shortages.  

With Marek’s sample services, clients also maximize their return on investment by consolidating execution costs while simultaneously diversifying their sample programs through a single sample execution partner. Develop a sample program that fulfills product samples from varying product lines, geographic availabilities, and customization selections through a single vendor and platform.


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Sampling Services