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Waukesha-Based Marketing & Print Company Awarded G7® Master Qualification

Waukesha-Based Marketing & Print Company Awarded G7® Master Qualification

The Marek Group announced today that it has once again been awarded G7® Master Qualification by Idealliance®, a not-for-profit industry group dedicated to guiding print production best practices, specifications, and standards worldwide. 

Waukesha, WI, October 26th, 2021—For over a decade, The Marek Group has maintained G7® Master Qualification, and, with the approval of their most recent application, they have been awarded the highest attainable level of certification—G7®Colorspace—for yet another year. The Marek Group joins a select group of print service providers who have successfully completed the training, examination, and qualification process of their print production procedures, validating their capabilities to the highest level of global industry standards and specifications.  

G7® is Idealliance’s industry-leading set of best practices for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. It is a global standard widely used to measure the color accuracy on any output device. G7 Master Status indicates that the facility has calibrated certain equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of reproducing a similar visual appearance across all printing types and substrates.  

“We applaud The Marek Group for utilizing the G7 Master Program to assure consistency and quality in their proofing, brand color management, and print processes,” commented Jordan Gorski, Senior Vice President of Idealliance. “G7 Master Qualification demonstrates a level of control and expertise that places The Marek Group at the top of their field. We commend them for their leadership, commitment, and support of the G7 master Qualification Program.” 

Participants in the G7 program pride themselves on color management, process control, and maintaining production efficiency. With the help of certified G7 Experts and Professionals, who are trained in the industry leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance, G7 Master Qualified Facilities align their print processes to ensure a neutral appearance across multiple devices. 

“We are extremely proud of our team for achieving G7 Master Qualification. It allows our organization to match a customer’s brand color requirements more precisely on a variety of printed products from any technology and application, everything from media and publications to packaging and labels is on brand,” says Lance Johnson, Imaging and Pressroom Manager of The Marek Group. “Our commitment to the G7 methodology is just one example of how we’re maximizing our performance to benefit our customers and we look forward to continuing to deliver the benefits that standardization brings to both our clients and our organization.” 

Idealliance® is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide. 

About The Marek Group: The Marek Group is a turnkey marketing execution company - providing the experience, knowledge and technological tools to help clients deliver the right content, at the right time, and in the medium proven to drive the greatest impact. For almost 50 years, The Marek Group has helped companies in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries transform the way they gather, manage, recommend, and distribute their sales and marketing content to their sales teams, channel partners, and customers. With a seasoned team of professionals helping to execute and deliver on the campaign strategies for some of America’s most well-known brands, Marek is engaged with clients from beginning to end.  

Marek empowers sales teams to be self-sufficient, offering customers the ability to scale sales support and marketing operations 10x. The Marek Group works with their clients to understand their sales goals, their unique channels and customers and provide a turn-key solution to optimize their sales support. Marketing execution services include Marek’s propriety channel marketing Software as a Service (SaaS).

To learn more about G7 Master Qualification, visit http://www.idealliance.org  

For more information please contact Melissa Hines, Vice President of Marketing

Media Contact:

Melissa Hines
VP of Marketing
502-882-9074  ext. 146

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